Lyrics from Musicaward TURNPIKE TROUBADOURS Down On Washington Lyrics, singer by TURNPIKE TROUBADOURS

Well youíre standing there
You Say life ainít fair
Why donít ya tell me something that I donít know
Oh and man Iím sunk
Red faced and drunk
But thereís a reason I stayed up all night and begged you not to go

Here I fear we’ve found ourselves a sticky situation.
It’s an awkward occupation disregarding right from wrong.
And you were down on Washington, dancing like the devil.
Oh and I am just a fool, but I have loved you all along

Well the everyday, it gets in the way
Of all the things, that we could be
Donít ya understand, well Iím an honest man
But I would steal you in a heartbeat if the choice were up to me


Well what happens little baby when I blow this town and ainít nobody like you
Got a brand new high and lonesome, itís a bad dream cominí true.
Oh whatís a poor boy to do

Yea well I am just a fool, but I have loved you all along.


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