Lyrics from Musicaward THE FRONT BOTTOMS Handcuffs Lyrics, singer by THE FRONT BOTTOMS

See I was in handcuffs
No one stood by my side
No one to help me prove my charge was a lie
Well, some prosecutor screams I’m a terrible guy
That I am guilty and I deserve twenty-five to life

See I lost my temper
And the cop lost his cool
A whole can of pepper spray
Man, makin’ me look like a fool

And he started stompin’
As I was gasping for air
Already on the ground
Man, I don’t know
That fight don’t seem fair

But with my pain came rage
A light so bright I feel blind
So I reach with my hands
And a rock is what I do find

He stops for a moment
I gather my strength
Just enough to swing quickly and put the rock right through his face

And that’s how it happened
How he met his fate
And how my left eye got burned out by the pepper spray
Some called me a monster
Things got super intense
But I don’t think I did nothin’ wrong,
Your honor I claim self-defense

First they talk to his cop friends
And then they talk to his wife
They all said the same thing
He never hurt nothin’ or no one in his whole life
They made it seem pretty obvious
That I was the one to blame
Even my public defender
Didn’t have all that much to say

The jury comes back in
I try to look em’ all in the eyes
Try to make em’ feel like takin’
Another life that don’t make takin’
The first one right and I hope that they realize
I hope they truly understand
Just how sorry I am, things got so outta’ hand